Slimming with the ‘Right Stuff’

So finally I have managed to get things down on paper, and if you have got this far then hi, how are you?  You might see from my about me page that primarily I will be chatting about dieting – particularly Slimming World, but hey, generally the rules apply to most healthy eating. And I may go off tangent occasionally, I have a habit of doing that!

There are a few things listed on my ‘Hints and Tips’ page that I wouldn’t be without.  Here is an introduction to a couple of them.

1.  Pans – I have 3 main cooking pots and a frying pan – well actually, that’s not strictly true, I have loads of them, but only 4 that are worth discussing after giving the steamer pan a quick mention.  You won’t believe what a difference these can make to your cooking.  Amazingly ours are from TK Maxx and after a quick search you may not get them elsewhere – they are Il Mulino New York and cost about £50 for the 3 (but bought separately).


The frying pan you can see (or rather, that dark item on the right of the picture – note to self, ‘sort out my photograpy’) is actually by Fissler, we got it with some vouchers but basically, anything that is non-stick and reasonably heavy based is good – and never use metal implements on them.

And the thing to use with these pans is Fry Light – this is amazing stuff, I was very sceptical and used to get through litres of olive oil but Fry Light has made a massive difference, a couple of sprays into decent pans and off you go, no sticking, no burning, it’s great.  I only use the olive oil but there are several different types, like bbq etc, but that’s not really my bag, I would rather use spices and herbs.  Oh and on that note, I must get one of the most important recipes to you – Slimming World Chips – with a couple of extra things thrown in even if you know the recipe like the back of your hand.


Back soon

Shrinking Queen


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