You Either Love it or Hate it…..

Amazing find this week.  Someone mentioned Twiglets and the thought of their salty, marmitey (can that be a word?) flavour just had my mouth watering.  Then I found an amazing, slightly unbelievable recipe that would be syn-free on Slimming World.  I couldn’t lose, could I…

So, boil the pasta until cooked – I originally tried spaghetti broken into pieces  but that didn’t work, (explain in a mo) then I tried fusili as that was all that was left in the cupboard, but have decided that possibly macaroni or penne would probably be a better option due to their open texture.

When cooked, mix through as much marmite as you like.  I adore the stuff so added enough to make it burn the roof of my mouth.  Then spread out on a baking tray and place in a 160 degree C oven until it has dried out.  I did have to scrape the pan a little to dry out evenly and make sure the oven is not too hot or it burns.

The reason the spaghetti didn’t work could have been my fault, I put it on bacon parchment, BIG mistake), it stuck to the parchment so myself and Mr K were scraping as much of the parchment as we could off, but still eating it, bits of paper and all – that was a good sign.  The fusili worked – I didn’t even have time to take pictures before it had disappeared (I even heard one child exclaim she loved it).

So, on that note and having a free salty snack in the house (as well as the baked chick peas which I will tell you about another day) means I haven’t reached for things I shouldn’t.  It’s weigh in tonight and think, just possibly I may have lost a couple of pounds and that is definitely worth the effort!  I will tell you if that’s the case later on though!


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