July’s Foodie Penpals

I mentioned a little while ago that I had joined Foodie Penpals and luckily a couple of my lovely blog friends also said they were doing the same thing. I thought it might be simple, I mean, I’m a foodie and it should be no problem buying local or lovely things for other people right?  Wrong, although I got paired with the fantastic Christine from Germany to buy for who didn’t have any particular dislikes it’s a bit tricker buying for someone you don’t know – although I’m sure it will get easier.  Christine doesn’t blog so I will show you what I sent to her later on.  Firstly I will show you what a fantastic parcel I received from Nikki at Your Last Mouthful who is based in Cardiff.

So here it is with explanations – Nikki had asked me my likes and dislikes and it’s useful if someone has a blog as you can see the kinds of things people like, and had perfectly paired the goodies with me.  In the Shrinking Queen household we have taken great pleasure in opening the parcel and inspecting it’s contents, the mini K’s loved it as much and me and Mr K so it’s a really great thing to do – Nikki must have a really great oriental shop nearby as you can see (oh and an amazing obsession with Japanese Kit Kats – I know, did you even know there were such things?)  The smell of this box was amazing (like my earlier post on curry here, it smelt like my favourite cupboard).


  • Thai Green Curry Kit
  • Sesame dessert from Japan (add hot water until thickened)
  • Methi Leaf
  • Jelly Straws (the kids adored these and I need to go and find some for Big Miss K as she is constantly swimming so could do with the sugar hit)
  • Green Tea Mochi (amazing, you think it should be incredibly sweet but just isn’t,)
  • Chinese Preserved Figs (addictive, sweet and sour)
  • Hot hot Chillies
  • Variety of chinese inspired teas
  • Macha and Sakura Kit Kat – I saved this for an evening on my own and have to say, this one was very much like the Western kit kat we know and love but just has a slightly different edge (and I can see why they are an obsession – the only issue is that they are too small ;-)).

Onto the parcel I sent to Christina with explanations – she has sent me a lovely email saying she had already tasted the sesame snaps – these are a staple snack in my house as the mini’s love them and there are no arguments about wanting more as a pack is a pack!  I’m hoping she enjoyed the rest of my parcel too.

DSC_0931My parcel contained:

  • Vietnamese prawn crackers (I adore the way these little waxy discs explode into something so familiar when added to oil)
  • Local Marmalade (with bits in, it MUST have bits in)
  • Sesame Snaps
  • Peanut Brittle (apparently Christina loves peanuts and sweet things, a perfect match)
  • Some Yunnan tea from my local market stall (slightly floral)
  • Home-made vanilla and chocolate fudge (I was concerned this may not make it in the heat so hope it was ok)
  • Recipe for Banana and Nutella Cake (here if you wish to give it a go)
  • And her favourite thing, a loom band bracelet made by Big Miss K (who was determined to get involved).

I can’t wait for next month now…


4 thoughts on “July’s Foodie Penpals

  1. Minimummy says:

    OOOOh, I’ve been eagerly waiting to see what you recieved!! I can’t wait for the 5th to see who I have been paired with- though slightly nervous about buying for someone who I have never met! eeek!

  2. Minimummy says:

    Very excited about this months foodie penpals! coincidentally, it seems that the person that I am sending To, is sending to you!

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