Towards the East Feast

I have just realised that I haven’t actually posted since the non-conformist Christmas Pudding – I know a few of you were going to try it this year – did you?  How did you find it?  Yet again, I wasn’t disappointed and maybe that, plus a few extra glasses of wine added a few pounds to my weight but never mind, I enjoyed it, and it will come off again soon enough.

As I really only have one picture of the finished dish I made I thought I would show you the great Christmas present I bought for Mr K.  Some of you may remember me telling you that he was the glory cook in our house.  Well what better present than the obsessive chopping board.  Can you see how great it is – look at how tiny a fine brunoise is – seriously, I’m going to challenge him to that one!

FullSizeRender (1)

So, New Year means that I have to be somewhat healthier and get rid of the sluggish feeling of having over-eaten.  We thought that there will be quite a lot of oriental food as we have such a great oriental supermarket reasonably close to us and generally it is very healthy and tasty.  The recipe today was somewhat of an accident.  It was a Friday night, there was literally no food in the house.  When I went to the shop I found some pork mince that was reduced so it had to be that.  Some time ago I posted a recipe for some lovely dumplings – these were delicious, and I know lots of people continue to make them – they double up as a great snack, so initially I was going to make those.  On checking in the freezer there were no dumpling wrappers but I did have a cabbage in the fridge.

I have to apologise for the lack of pictures, this dish was really not supposed to be blogged, but as I carried on adding to it I realised it had serious potential.  So this one is for those of you who can’t get the dumpling wrappers.


You need to make these babies by following the recipe in ‘Disasters and a Dumpling Delight’. Once you have made the dumplings stop and come back here as the following is what I then did:

Mix together 4 tsp miso paste with 4 tsp light soy sauce or to the thickness where you can brush it on the dumplings.  Brush the dumplings with the deliciously sweet and salty mixture and then fry them either on a griddle or in a pan, you can keep basting them with this and turning them until they are beautifully crusty and sticky.

Whilst you are cooking the dumplings cook some rice until only just cooked.  Separate leaves of the cabbage and cut out the thickest part of the stalk and blanch these.

All of the above can be done in advance and left to cook to reassemble and cook later if you want to.


When you want to make these put a spoonful of the rice in the cabbage leaf, then a dumpling, and wrap up the parcel and secure with a skewer or toothpick.  Put these in a steamer for about 5 minutes or until heated through.

When you open these up put on a little more soy and some fresh chilli – they are not delicate little parcels but they are amazingly good.

The miso paste is 5 syns per tsp if you are following Slimming World.  This may seem quite a lot but if you use the full 4 tsp you get a delicious sweetness on the crust and it is well worth it – and remember, this makes loads and loads of dumplings so the actual syns per person is really not many if you make them all into parcels – in fact we were eating them all weekend.