Hints and Tips

  • Slim people ALWAYS know what they have eaten that day – you offer them something like a small cake and they may well say ‘no thanks, I had crisps earlier’.  I know that’s a little exaggerated but it’s definitely true.  So food diaries are brilliant things, and the amount of times a class leader will ask someone to write a food diary because they are staying the same and amazingly they start losing the very next week – just because they can look and see what they have already had each day.
  • ALWAYS have some of the right food in – even if it is supernoodles that you can throw in the microwave.
  • Try to eat in front of someone – I was definitely a guilty party to standing in front of the fridge or cupboard, not even when I was hungry and stuffing in whatever I could find without thinking about it.
  • Frylight – ALWAYS have this in the cupboard.  I didn’t realise how much olive oil I used until I made this change.  I still use olive oil, but am much more cautious.
  • Pans – non stick are essential.  Then the fry light actually cooks things instead of just being a coating on the pan.
  • Establish if someone is your diet saboteur.  Mr K used to be one – he would cook me lovely meals and say ‘it’s only one’, or go and buy a dessert, but I like my wine too much, I try to save my syns for that and when a slice of cake can be a large glass of wine you soon get your priorities sorted out.  You have to realise that YOU are the one in control.  Your barrier may be your partner, your friends, parent, or even work colleagues.  I had to get tough with Mr K in the end and now he cooks fantastic meals for us trying his hardest to stay in ‘my’ rules’.
  • Lots of people say ‘but it was there, and then I ate it.  Do you know, for the first time this Christmas I gave away a big box of chocolates to a Scout raffle that someone had given me.  Admittedly the kids were not happy with this turn of events but they soon forgot about it and I would have eaten them if they had stayed in the house.  So sometimes it’s fine to be selfish.
  • When people say they ‘haven’t eaten enough’ in class and that is why they have gained just doesn’t happen.  What they mean is they didn’t eat when they should and then grabbed anything they could find because they were famished and that was not necessarily the best option.  If I didn’t eat enough I would lose weight, but eating thoughtlessly is different.
  • I always carry a packet of sugar free mints in my pocket or handbag – then when that cake is shouting your name at work I pop one in – believe me, cake and mint is just wrong.
  • And related to the note above a confession – if someone has already cut the cake and it is calling my name, occasionally I will have the icing that is left on the knife (of course, I then wash it up – that would be too revolting otherwise).

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